Friday, September 25, 2015

Women in the film industry-helpful links

Although it shouldn't be a question of the sex to somehow make a movie, it still is. I'm a friend of the attitude of finding the right human beings to make a movie. Let's see what I've found to support the ladies in the film industry.
  • We Do It Together
    "We Do It Together is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) film Production Company created to finance and produce films, documentaries, TV and other forms of media, uniquely dedicated to the empowerment of women. We believe that we can create a movement, with women and men, with actions behind words, that will change the utterly outdated and discriminatory paradigm that we see in media, and its marginalization of women worldwide. If we want more representation, we need to make more product, and only then will we be able to compete on an even playing ground."
  • Female Filmmakers Initiative Resource Map
    We’ve created this database as a central information storehouse of the opportunities and programs available to U.S.-based women filmmakers."
  • Almost every state in the USA has its own women in film initiative
  • Women in Film and Television UK
    "Women in Film & TV (UK) is the leading membership organisation for women working in creative media in the UK, and part of an international network of over 10,000 women worldwide. Members of our organisation come from a broad range of professions spanning the entire creative media industry."

  • Women in Film and Television Germany
    "WIFT Germany ist ein Geschäftsnetzwerk für Frauen in der Film- und Fernsehbranche und den digitalen Medien."

  • The Director List, women directors at work
    "The Director List is a centralized hub for finding women directors and their work."

  • Alliance of Women Directors
    "established in 1997, is the only organization solely dedicated to education, support and advocacy for women directors in the entertainment industry. Each member has achieved professional status by having directed at least one long or short-form narrative film, television program, documentary, commercial or new media program that has been recognized by the creative community.

  • Her Film Project
    "Her Film Project is a global project to support women filmmakers. Created as a blog in May of 2010 by publicist and writer, Kyna Morgan, in collaboration with filmmaker and writer, Marian Evans (of The Development Project at
    Wellywood Woman), the purpose was to provide a forum for women filmmakers around the world to share their experiences in the industry and discuss their films."

  • Women at Sundance+Female Filmmakers Initiative
    "Sundance Institute, together with Women in Film Los Angeles and a community of allied organizations, works to foster gender equality in American cinema by supporting female filmmakers to develop their stories, find audiences for their work, and grow and sustain their careers."

  • Seed&Spark
    "We started Seed&Spark because we want to make films but we needed a healthier environment in which to make them. We believe the art of storytelling is about expanding imagination, shining a light on the world inside and deepening empathy for the world outside."

  • Ms. In The Biz
    "Founded by actor/producer/writer Helenna Santos, Ms. In The Biz is the premium online destination for women in entertainment who are looking for a positive community that shares resources, imparts wisdom, and fosters success."


  • Artemis Motion Pictures
    "Artemis Motion Pictures is a revolution and a production company.
    Bold and innovative, we are female action adventure projects.
    We will redefine female heroes."


  • Film London: Short Films: Shakespeare's Sisters
    "Shakespeare’s Sister is a short film initiative which aims to help address the gender imbalance in film by giving female filmmakers funding and support to showcase their talent."

  • Women and Hollywood
    "Women and Hollywood educates, advocates, and agitates for gender parity across the entertainment industry. The site was founded in 2007 by Melissa Silverstein."

  • agnesfilms
    " is named in honor of Agnès Varda, the French filmmaker who has been making women-centered fiction films and documentaries for over 50 years.(...)In an effort to provide support to emerging and established women filmmakers, our site aims to do the following:
    • Foster a community of women filmmakers, scholars, instructors who teach film and filmmaking, and film lovers who support each other. We hope to be joined by men who are interested in films made by women, as well as male filmmakers, scholars, and filmmaking/film instructors. Our aim is for our community to be diverse in terms of race, class, and sexual orientation.
    • Shed light on the work of talented and committed women filmmakers working today, who, like Varda, don’t have the visibility they merit. We do this in the form of reviews of films made by women, and less often films by men featuring prominent female roles. We also have interviews with women filmmakers and through our featured member section we share narratives of the experiences women undergo as they stand behind the camera. We also discuss the history of women and feminist filmmakers through our critical analyses of past and current films.
    • Help women not trained in cinematic techniques be able to tell stories in this powerful medium."

  • The Voice Of A Woman
    "THE VOICE OF A WOMAN (VOW) features the works of women artists across a variety of disciplines and celebrates the achievements of women 'changemakers' whose 'voices' are impacting culture, society and our world.

    THE VOICE OF A WOMAN produces THE VOW FILM FEST an annual event celebrating creative leadership, independence and risk-taking and plays a vital role in identifying international female talent, bringing stories rarely seen of women globally by women globally, to public audiences."

Saturday, April 30, 2011


Dear visitors,

after finding a lot of info on the web about independent filmmaking and linking it via Twitter I decided to collect it and post it here. It may take some time to post every single info I found and I'm sure I will add a lot in the future.

This will be a collection of info and links about indie filmmaking, distribution, pre-production, production, do-it-yourself(diy) instructions and other things I found.

At the moment there are these categories:
- General filmmaking tips
- Distribution
- Actors/Actresses, Casting, Crew
- Screenwriting
- DIY tutorials, tools, equipment
- Marketing
- Connect through Twitter
- Film Festivals
- Replay your scene
- Film Funding
- Audioscript: Your script as audiobook

I hope this will help you to make your movie.

All the best,

Audioscript: Your script as audiobook

I had an interesting idea yesterday. Most probably this idea already exists, however...

Imagine you wrote a script.
Now you're at that point to send your script to different people.

Ever thought about turning your script into audiobook?

Many people don't have the time to read a text actively. But maybe there's time left to hear a text -in this case your script- at home, while traveling by plane/train/subway etc...
Possibly you could subdivide your audioscript into different chapters, and put a little intro or summary at the beginning to catch the attention. And you need a good voice.

I guess your script in a written form with your script as audiobook increase the possiblity that it will be read/heard.

Happy writing and talking :).

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Film Funding

  1. "Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg"
  2. " Council"
  3. "How to Finance Your Independent Film"
  4. "Fund-Raising For Your Micro-Budget Film"
  5. "Money Issues: Funding an Independent Film"
  6. "Fund by yourself"
  7. "Filmförderung in Deutschland(deutsch/german)"
  8. --------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • #1 "Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg"
    "The Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg supports films and film-related projects in the categories of script development, project development, package promotion, production, distribution and sales, and other activities. A sole authority, the managing director, makes all final decisions. The managing director works with a team of advisers. They handle individual projects and also advise the applicants. A meeting with an advisor is a mandatory part of the application process. Application forms can only be obtained directly from the advisors.
    Since 1994 more than 2,500 film projects have obtained € 293 million in grants. The economic benefit of film promotion for the region is huge - and it can be expressed in figures. Each production that is shot in Berlin and/or Brandenburg entails investments, creates jobs and sustains employment. For every euro spent on aid to moviemakers, an average of four euros is injected into the local economy.
    You can find info about grant guidelines, support categories, funding deadlines, standard evaluation guides, German-Polish Co-Development Fonds, Artist-in-Residence, Capital Regions for Cinema and much more.
    read more

  • #2 " Council"
    "This page contains links to various organisations who can either help with funding or point you in the direction of someone who can. "
    You can find info about Korda, The Money Map, Public Funding(Media 2007, UK Film Council, Scottish Screen, Northern Ireland Screen, Wales Screen Commission, EM-Media, Film London, First Light, Isle of Man Media Development Fund, North West Vision, Screen East, Screen South, Screen West Midlands, Screen Yorkshire, South West Screen), Broadcasters(BBC Films, FilmFour), UK Tax Credit and many more...
    read more

  • #3 "How to Finance Your Independent Film"
    "Over the years, film financing has become one the most complex and risky investments. Yet, here are viable avenues for independent filmmakers to secure financing."
    You can read about “The Game Plan, Advantages and Disadvantages if Industry Financing, Studio Development Production Deals, Independent Distributor Financing, Talent Agency Financing, End-User Financing, Completion Funds”.
    read more

  • #4 "Fund-Raising For Your Micro-Budget Film"
    "When we made Resident Alien and Beyond Bob (for $28,000 and $26,000, respectively), we thought we’d gone about as low as you could go, budgetwise.
    So, can you imagine our elation when we realized that we could complete Grown Men for in the neighborhood of $10,000? Well, obviously we decided to move right into that neighborhood.
    Read more about “Investors, Credit Cards, Scrimping, Grants, Favors, Found Money”
    read more

  • #5 "Money Issues: Funding an Independent Film"
    "Long before filmmakers begin production, they face the daunting task of scraping together enough money to get their film off the ground. Choosing the right method of funding relies on many factors, including the type and subject of the film, and the experience behind the cast and crew involved in the project.
    Funding can come in many forms, from national grants to family and friends. The Independent takes a look at three filmmakers and how they got the funding they needed to get their projects off the page and onto the screen.
    read more

  • #6 "Fund by yourself"

    There are many possibilities to fund projects by yourself, by building a community(that's why Twitter, Facebook etc. are becoming more and more important...), and get people involved in your project. Just check out the following websites:


  • #7 "Filmförderung in Deutschland(deustch/german)"

    Hier ein paar Websites, die beachtliche Zusammenstellungen bezüglich Einrichtungen zur Filmförderung in Deutschland und Europa auf ihren Seiten veröffentlicht haben:
    (teilweise sind es die gleichen Links, aber sie ergänzen sich alle)
    - comeunited Filmförderung-Bund, Bundesländer, Österreich, Schweiz, Europa, International
    - Media Deutschland Filmförderung-Bundesländer, Stiftungen, Bund...
    - crewunited Filmförderung-Bund, Länder, Österreich, Schweiz, Europa
    - Filmfonds Wien-Filmförderung in Deutschland und Europa


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Film Festivals

I found some interesting websites about film festivals I thought you might like:

Movie Festivals and Events
This is a list of upcoming festivals and those which already occured for the running year worldwide.
Here are the date, the place and the link to the festivals.

Film Festival World
I really like that one. You can search by location, there is a calendar for deadlines and opening dates, festival maps by continent, festival+film genres, a list of all festivals in alphabetical order and much more.

Film Festivals Worldwide
Not as detailed as the list on imdb+Film Festival World, ordered by country.
Here are the month, the address and sometimes the phone numbers+mail/link for the festivals.
Just ignore the ads at the top ;).

Friday, November 6, 2009

General filmmaking tips

  1. "Write>Produce>Direct>Film"
  2. "FilmmakerIQ"
  3. "Indie Filmmaking: 35 Tips From Experts"
  4. "Film Independent"
  5. "Filmmaker's Library"
  6. "Non-profit organizations for filmmakers and film fans."
  7. "Independent film"
  8. "How are Hollywood films made?"
  9. ""
  10. "50 Best Websites for Moviemakers 2009"
  11. "Guest Blog: 5 must read books for the passionate independent filmmaker"
  12. "30 Quintessential Books for Independent Filmmakers"
  13. "The Ten Commandments of Filmmaking"
  14. "How to Make a Movie - wikiHow"
  15. "BAFTA Guru"
  16. "No Film School"  
  17. "Creative Skillset"
  18. "Filmmaking Stuff"   
  19. "FutureLearn"     
  20. --------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • #1 "Write>Produce>Direct>Film"
    "The very first Raindance event was in April 1992 when we hosted a film seminar with the Hollywood maverick, Dov Simens.

    Since 1993 the Raindance Film Festival has annually uncovered the hottest new filmmakers to hit the cinematic scene. Some Raindance-premiered hits are Pulp Fiction, Memento, the Blair Witch Project, Ghost World and Love Exposure.

    In 1998 Raindance launched the British Independent Film Awards – a yearly industry event attended by the upper ranks of the UK moviemaking establishment. The BIFAs are now regarded as one of the penultimate awards in the world film calendar. Honours have included Ben Kingsley, Harvey Weinstein, Richard Curtis, and helped launch countless films including 2008’s Slumdog Millionaire."
    read more

  • #2 "FilmmakerIQ"
    " is a website for filmmakers created by filmmakers.
    We’re a community built around the idea that information and knowledge is your single most powerful filmmaking tool.
    Whether your interests lie in feature filmmaking, video production, television, screenwriting, or any aspect of the production process, you’ll find a great place to network, share knowledge and get motivated with other seasoned and inspiring filmmakers. Our members come from all around the globe from various different fields and backgrounds.
    Whether you’re an accomplished filmmaker, a first timer, or just a fan of the process, we invite you to become a member, meet new friends, ask questions, give advice, discuss your projects and have fun leaning while growing your Filmmaker I.Q."
    read more

  • #3 "Indie Filmmaking: 35 Tips From Experts"
    1. Change the title of your indie film to begin with an “A” or a number to get higher placement on iTunes.

    2. “Experiment and try new ways of getting your indie film out there.”

    3. Clark Hallren, Managing Director of the Entertainment Industries Group for JP Morgan Securities warned, “Guys it’s tough. Phenomenal events that statistically cannot happen did happen: we’re at an interesting point in the business.”
    read more

  • #4 "Film Independent"
    "Our Mission
    At Film Independent our mission is to champion the cause of independent film and support a community of artists who embody diversity, innovation, and uniqueness of vision.

    Who We Are Film Independent helps filmmakers make their movies, builds an audience for their projects, and works to diversify the film industry. Film Independent’s Board of Directors, filmmakers, staff, and constituents, is comprised of an inclusive community of individuals across ability, age, ethnicity, gender, race, and sexual orientation. Anyone passionate about film can become a member, whether you are a filmmaker, industry professional, or a film lover."
    read more

  • #5 "Independent Filmmaker Project"

    "Resources: distribution, cinematography, festival strategy, financing, legal, marketing, post production, production, sales, writing"
    read more

  • #6 "Non-profit organizations for filmmakers and film fans."
    "-American Film Institute
    Founded in 1967, the AFI is dedicated to advancing and preserving the art of the moving image.
    -Association of Independent Feature Film Producers
    A non-profit organization.
    -Association of Independent Video and Filmmakers
    Advocacy, salons, classifieds, and a print magazine from the national service organization for independent media.
    -Center for Independent Documentary
    A private non-profit organization that collaborates with independent producers in the production of documentaries. Find out about membership, news and events, and how to submit your own proposal.
    -Directors Guild of America
    The ultimate organization for directors. The Directors Guild of America represents more than 10,000 members working in U.S. cities and abroad. Their creative work is represented in theatrical, industrial, educational and documentary films.
    read more

  • #7 "Independent film"

    "An independent film, or indie film, is a film that is produced outside of any major film studio."
    read more

  • #8 "How are Hollywood films made?"

    "Looking through the lens of a camera as actors bring to life a writer's story, the filmmaker is also peering into a world of imagination. The director, producer, actors, screenwriter, and film editor are all essential players in the journey from concept to finished film. In this remarkable process, thousands of small details—and often hundreds of people—come together to create a Hollywood film."
    read more

  • #9 ""

    "Founded in 1994, is one of the oldest filmmaking resources on the Internet. The site provides reference and a community for new and independent filmmakers around the world."
    read more

  • #10 "50 Best Websites for Moviemakers 2009"

    "The Internet offers moviemakers a unique opportunity for sharing their work with the world. But distribution is not the only way the Web can assist aspiring and seasoned auteurs alike."
    read more

  • #11 "Guest Blog: 5 must read books for the passionate independent filmmaker"

    "As you make your professional journey through the film industry, you will encounter both challenges and uncertainty that might leave you feeling hopeless and discouraged."
    read more

  • #12 "30 Quintessential Books for Independent Filmmakers"

    "Ever wonder what, exactly, independent filmmakers – both aspiring and established – should be reading? Look no further than The Independent's 30 Quintessential Books for Independent Filmmakers. Here, we list the top must-owns, including Independent Feature Film Production, The Filmmaker's Handbook, Sidney Lumet's Making Movies, and From Reel to Deal. The list is broken down into the following categories:

    * Direct from the Masters
    * From the Go-Getters Who Made It
    * The Nuts and Bolts: From Directing Actors to Navigating the Legal Terrain
    * The Eye Has It: Cinematography, Lighting & Editing
    * Film School in a Book: Overviews of Filmmaking
    * Now What? After Your Film Is Made, From Marketing to Distribution
    read more

  • #13 "The Ten Commandments of Filmmaking"

    "I have learned many things during my career in the film industry, but one of the most valuable lessons I have learned was to remain human at all costs. And by this I mean to treat others as you would like to be treated yourself.
    C1) It's only a movie - no one gets hurt.
    C2) Ask lots of questions - never assume anything.
    C3) There are no rules in filmmaking - only sins!
    C4) Listen to the people who know more than you do.
    C5) You have to EARN respect - not demand it.
    C6) Don't abuse your power - use "Power Through" not "Power Over."
    C7) Don't be afraid to change your mind.
    C8) A healthy Ego is necessary - self importance is unnecessary.
    C9) Have a sense of humour - learn to laugh at yourself.
    C10) Take 10 at lunch – and change your socks and shoes.
    read more

  • #14 "How to Make a Movie - wikiHow"

    "Do you like making movies but can't seem get the job quite right? Do you get frustrated at working hard and using precious time, only to find that your movies are totally bogus? Here are a few helpful tips on how to make a spectacular film by working on your editing, camera movements, story line, characters, scenes, and more. "
    read more
  • #15 "BAFTA Guru"
    • (via
      "Inspiring Minds in Film, TV and Games

      Welcome to BAFTA Guru, BAFTA’s hub of inspirational content and top tips from experts in film, TV and games.
      Whether you’ve taken your first steps into the industry or are just starting out, you’ll find plenty on BAFTA Guru to motivate and help you along the way."
      read more

  • #16 "No Film School"

    "No Film School is the leading worldwide community of filmmakers, video producers, and independent creatives. No Film School is where filmmakers learn from each other — “no film school” required.
    Whether we went to film school or not, we’re all here for the same reason: to forge sustainable, creative careers in a rapidly changing world.."
    read more
  • #17 "Creative Skillset"

    "Creative Skillset empowers the Creative Industries to develop skills and talent;"
    read more

  • #18 "Filmmaking Stuff"

    "Filmmaking Stuff is a professional resource for independent filmmakers and provides tips on screenwriting, producing, crowdfunding, directing, movie marketing and film distribution."
    read more

  • #19 "FutureLearn"

    "Join 2,278,990 people learning together at FutureLearn. Try high quality online education – enjoy free online courses from top universities and specialist organisations. "
    Explore film, music, journalism, photography or theatre. Join free online art courses from renowned universities and cultural institutions."
    read more

Friday, October 30, 2009


  1. "How to Win the Hearts and Minds of the Press"
  2. "Building a Killer Press Kit"
  3. "Getting Your Film Noticed at Festivals"
  4. "Top 7 fool-proof indie film marketing tactics"
  5. "Low-Budget Film: Marketing"
  6. "How To Write A Press Release"
  7. "The Zen of Business Plans"
  8. --------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • #1 "How to Win the Hearts and Minds of the Press"
    "One of the great truths of media is that there is no such thing as bad press, but how to get even bad press can be a mysterious process for filmmakers without giant, studio publicity machines behind them. There are filmmakers who seem to produce very little work, but are constantly finding their way into articles, while other good works are passed over. These seemingly arbitrary decisions can be based on anything from a writer championing a film they love to a press release arriving on a slow news day."
    read more

  • #2 "Building a Killer Press Kit"
    "The press kit is the most important tool for any filmmaker seeking media coverage, but many independent film press kits are either overstuffed with irrelevant information or seriously lacking vital data.

    The killer press kit does not have to be elaborate, nor does it require fancy packaging and gimmicks. All it needs is basic, clear content providing the right amount of facts and background. Let’s go page-by-page and see what it takes to make the perfect press kit."
    read more

  • #3 "Getting Your Film Noticed at Festivals"
    "Whether it’s Sundance or Seattle, Outfest or Newfest, film festivals are a powerful marketing platform for independent films. But many filmmakers, especially first-time filmmakers, do not fully take advantage of these opportunities created by festivals. Too often filmmakers make the mistake of thinking that the real work in making a film is, well, making the film. But as difficult as shooting an independent film is, it is about love and passion, or should be. The real work begins after the film is completed and it is time to get the project sold, covered, and most importantly, seen. You can make this job a lot easier if you start working on it long before you get into your festival."
    read more

  • #4 "Top 7 fool-proof indie film marketing tactics"
    "Marketing your independent film is the toughest, most time-consuming and most expensive part of the filmmaking process.

    You think making the movie was tough? You ain't seen nothing yet.

    Now that the film is complete, you're probably ready for the easy part: the red carpet, the legions of adoring fans and the obscenely huge buckets of dollars (and, even better, euros).

    Guess again. Building an audience will be far tougher than making your film."
    read more

  • #5 "Low-Budget Film: Marketing"
    "No money, no problems. You’ve completed your first low-to-no budget film, great! But unless you just want to show it to your friends or post in on YouTube, you’ll need some marketing strategies. Because even though you know, Field Mouse, the cartoon drama of a mouse searching for meaning in life, is the next Pixar smash hit, how will they find out? Forget Pixar, how will your neighbour find out? These questions can be answered by things you probably do on a daily basis as a filmmaker anyway.
    Strategy one: Social Networking
    Strategy two: Use your friends
    Strategy three: Film Festivals
    read more

  • #6 "How To Write A Press Release"
    "One of the most challenging aspects of being an independent filmmaker is promoting your film. Standing out amongst your peers is an enormous challenge, even for seasoned indie filmmakers. You could have an award winning film, but without a viewing audience your movie is worthless. Therefore, advertising and marketing are extremely important elements in promoting your independent film. However, public relations is also a very important step that shouldn’t be overlooked. Knowing how to build up excitement and awareness around your indie film will greatly increase your chances of success."
    read more

  • #7 "The Zen of Business Plans"
    "In my day job, I not only hear a lot of PowerPoint pitches, but I also read a lot of business plans. The PowerPoint pitches explain my Ménière's disease, but the business plans explain my recent need for reading glasses. One of my goals for blogging is to reduce the external factors that are causing the degradation of my body, so this entry's topic is the zen of business plans.
    1. Write for all the right reasons.
    2. Make it a solo effort.
    read more

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Connect through Twitter

I started my Twitter profile CORKY242 just for fun, to try it out. After a while I realized that there are a lot of independent filmmakers and I started to search for information that could be interesting for them. I ended up writing a blog which I don't update very often, sorry for that.

If you are new on Twitter you might see "#FF" in some tweets, mostly on Fridays. This means Follow Friday and is a recommendation who to follow.


I would like to mention some of those I'm following on Twitter and who normally appear in my #FF :

  • David
    He shares his experiences he's made while making and distributing his movies.

  • Chris
    Producer, Warrior Entertainment®

  • Mikey
    Mikey is one of the funny guys from Stirton Productions; they produced "One Day Removals".

  • John
    Writer, actor, producer, director. I'm always surprised by the dry and subliminal humour.

  • Ulla
    “Producer. Stuck between imaginary and reality.“

  • Danielle
    "CEO of Danielle Eskinazi casting I put people in commercials and tv animal advocate im a mom!"

  • Kris
    Dir Soc Media, Either/Or Films, producers of THE SENSATION OF SIGHT & ONLY DAUGHTER; script consulting“

  • Krystal
    “Indie filmmakers. We do film, musicvideo, digital media. We do CINEMATOPIA, groovy film events. We love noodles“

  • Moviac
    “MOVIAC.DE - Deine Wunschfilme im Kino // community to vote for your favourite movies to be screened in your cinema“

  • Wolfgang
    Crowdfunding, Social Media, Social Film Marketing“

  • Dave
    “want to star as yourself in a film ?. & raise some money for charity. DEATH AFTER DARK website coming soon“

  • Frank
    IMAGINE · CREATE · ENGAGE | Creative Director · Transmedia Producer“

  • Raindance
    “Independent film festival since 1993, cutting edge film training and founder of the British Independent Film Awards “

  • Nic
    Writer. Host. Somehow still a part of the internet against my better judgment.“

  • Craig
    An indie film collective brought together to support each other in the entertainment industry.“

  • Tyler
    Writer possessed of illegible handwriting. Author: COMICS FOR FILM, GAMES & ANIMATION and COMING TO QUIET COUNTRY.“

  • Kinozeit
    Writer possessed of illegible handwriting. Author: COMICS FOR FILM, GAMES & ANIMATION and COMING TO QUIET COUNTRY.“

  • Patti
    Sci-Fi Screenwriter Producer Director“

  • Oklahoma Ward
    Proud Native American FILMMAKER of HORROR film #CRAWLorDIE
  • Nicole M Alonso
    "Actor | Star of #CRAWLorDIE"

  • King and Keck
    Writers. Filmmakers. Mischief Architects.“

  • openfilm
    Miami based exclusively indie film sharing site. 8,300+ indie films.“

  • Pinewood Studios
    Official Twitter Account of The Pinewood Studios Group“

  • One On One Film
    For over seven years One on One has been training emerging directors, writers, producers, and cinematographers as they prepare to direct or produce.“

  • Leilani
    I'm Leilani, a UK actor who screenwrites & makes films. I like tea and physics.“

  • Dan Perez
    Award-winning documentary filmmaker, corporate video producer, father & husband to rock stars, owner of a mischievous pug and overall nice guy.“

  • Bernardo Villela
    Co-Founder of @Miller_Villela. Writer/Director of the award-winning short film Suffer the Little Children, editor & blogger“

  • No Restrictions Ent.
    A feature film production company.“

  • Fans Of Film
    Helping filmmakers promote #indiefilm on Twitter since 2008. “

    • Jennifer
      "The Art of Slamming in Sideways: Doc Filmmaker Artist Media-Mad Geek Dog-owner Irish Cross-cultured Closet-Academic and your 1st AD"

    I'm very sorry, but I can't describe every single one I'm following, but it's worth to follow also the next ones, otherwise I wouldn't mention them.

    @JohanNeethling London Producer, Filmmaker, Writer, Consultant, Director, Songwriter, Entrepreneur, Mogul (wannabe)
    @indiechanneltv London, England New online channel for independent movies, shorts, docs and webisodes
    @Matthew_Dowling Studio City, California I like funny things. I'm an actor/writer/comedian. I live in Studio City with my family. Let's talk about films and movies, or even better yet... MAKE ONE!!!

    @MJ_Slide My mind... I'm a screenwriter and indie film-maker. watch sci-fi, hang with fans, have a rich fantasy life, and die laughing in Jane Austen movies.
    @SapphireProduct Brooklyn, NY Sapphire Productions creates high quality productions about women & young girls in film and theater. We also provide videography & video editing services.
    @IndywoodFILMS South London Writer/Director/Producer of INVASION OF THE NOT QUITE DEAD - coming 2010 - (Help us to make film funding history)
    @Londonmarkfilms London Film Director at Londonmark Films - Film maker London UK
    @glasgowfilmfest Glasgow, Scotland Glasgow Film Festival - 18-28 February 2010 - stay tuned for updates!
    @dannylaceyfilm West Yorkshire Entrepreneur and film maker. I twitter about film, business and life. I want to make movies and believe I have the ideas to do just that, join me on my journey!
    @LOVEFiLM UK Find the films you want to watch. Film news, interviews and reviews plus DVD, Blu-ray and games rental
    @MikeDowswell Scotland Michael J. Dowswell is a science fiction and documentary filmmaker (nicknamed Kubrick Jr) . Currently making Saturn 7 and While They Slept.
    @kalifilms London,England Filmmaker/writer
    @EitherOrFilms East Coast USA Writer, Director of Marketing/Media, Either/Or Films, which produced THE SENSATION OF SIGHT with David Strathairn; in production now with SOMEPLACE LIKE AMERICA
    @grking New York I'm an NY Filmmaker who loves making and watching movies.
    @GoGoSlava New York, San Francisco IndieGoGo, DIWO - Do-It-With-Others, Help film & media industry with fundraising, promotion and distribution. Love food, film, travel. Music Against Myeloma
    @kelymcclung Atlanta, GA, USA Indie Filmmaker trying to push the limits of my movies!
    @AuteurMark Chicago and Mumbai Award Winning Chicago based Independent Film Maker.
    @DoubleEdgeFilms Denver, CO Indie Film Production Co. who brought you Spin and now fighting to bring you INK.
    @ucinema Los Angeles A motion picture company that produces mixed genre and foreign language shorts and features.
    @DirectCast LA, SF and NY Use Casting Networks' DirectCast to cast actors and models in LA, SF and NY for free. Tweet for a quick demo!
    @actingforweb New York Developing showcase vehicle for actors offering resources, tips, tutorials, insights. Your expertise wanted!
    @ncgypsy North Carolina, USA writer, photographer, indie filmmaker, traveler, animal activist, human rights advocate, kindred spiri
    @FilmNetDotCom FL, Miami is a developing community for film enthusiasts, those in front of/behind the camera and those watching at home!
    @FlashYourShorts San Diego, CA Filmmaker/Promoter who is interested in helping filmmakers expose their work. Email me at
    @digipendence Toronto, Canada (Cabbagetown) digipendence covers 3D moviemaking, machinima, animation, cinematic design, sequential art, web comix, virtual worlds, and indie film/photo production.
    @CapturedMelody Los Angeles, CA Help A Fairy Get Her Wings! I'm working on a short film to get my MFA in film production.
    @filmindependent Los Angeles Film Independent is a non-profit membership organization that champions independent film and supports a community of artists who embody div
    @indiewire Olive Branch, MS News and info for the independent film community, from This Twitter is a service of millerfilm:
    @FilmmakerMag New York Editor, Filmmaker Magazine
    @PretentiousFilm Annapolis, Maryland A society of part time bohemian film lovers dedicated to the exhibition of indie cinematic excellence and the consumption of munchies & drink while doing such.
    @Grapesonavine Atlanta, GA Indie Film | New Movie on DVD | Film Festival lover | Love Black Hollywood | Independent Movie | New Movie | Film maker | Actor | Actress | Movie Director
    @GoKustom Seattle, WA. USA IndieFilm Company & Rekord Label + D.A. Sebasstian Film, Music, Social & Automotive Rants.
    @yosidof Brooklyn, NY Wife. Mother. Photographer. Filmmaker. Oh ya, and I love to eat.
    @chaosfilms Los Angeles, CA filmmaker, artist, tech geek, social media enthusiast, general malcontent
    @WilsonDutcher Fresno, CA 93710 A screenwriter living in Fresno, CA. Smoking in moderation, one cigar at a time.
    @FlywayFilmFest Pepin, Wisconsin USA The 2nd Annual Flyway Film Festival
    @loopmovie Maryland A mindbending movie that reflects America in the early 2Ks. From Pericles Lewnes, the director of Fighter and Redneck Zombies. Indie Film Curator
    @d0kk Brooklyn, NY film editor, artist, digital animator, writer, producer, director, short film advocate, twit.
    @filmannex New York Online film distribution platform & Web TV Network. Helps filmmakers raise funds for their projects through its ad network.
    @indiefilmshow Carrboro, NC, US Film Enthusiast and a lifelong Syncretist
    @TedHope New York City I am a filmmaker.
    @Jon_Reiss Los Angeles I am a filmmaker and writing a book about DIY/WEB & Hybrid Distribution
    @NewburyFilm USA Our goal is to spread the word about independent media + film projects!
    @runningwaterspr Los Angeles Running Waters Productions, a creative company by Ruptured Media, LLC. Independent Films.
    @jokeandbiagio Hollywood, California Joke & Biagio produce TV & Film. Recent projects: Beauty & The Geek, Dying to do Letterman, VH1's Scream Queens. They blog about producing in Hollywood.
    @DECasting New York Daryl Eisenberg Casting
    One Girl. One Night. One Million Possibilities. -- WHAT'S UP LOVELY is a new feature film from Gary King
    Writer, Editor, Director, Photographer, Gamer, Blogger, Surrealist...all around neo-digital internet filmmaker
    @FilmmakerIQ Everywhere A place for filmmakers to network and learn.
    Exploring the genre; accentuating the positive; some critical analysis. @ BeyondtheDarkHorizon, ShallowGraves, Fangoria.
    @indieMM worldwide supporting the indiemovie movement by connecting the friends of #indieMM
    @filmfestlounge Everywhere Where filmmakers come clean.! Hit me up by DM with any film festival news, call for entries, etc. Thanks (ffl)
    @Filmaka Worldwide An online global network designed for filmmakers
    One of the movie blogs you refresh a lot. Hopefully.
    Film jobs, careers and community site.
    Obsessed with independent film since 1978
    news from the indy film world 160 characters at a time.
    Film reviews for the rest of us. Film review, podcast, critics, movie, cinema, theater
    Award Winning Suspense/Horror/Thriller Feature available in stores Oct 13th!

    And if this list isn't enough for you, here are some more film related people on Twitter:
    "Connect list #2"

    @andycoughlan Hythe, Kent, UK Filmmaker, Screenwriter, Musician, Web Programmer, Geek
    @colinrosssmith Glasgow, Scotland I am a Glasgow based film-maker hell bent on making it somewhere in the movie industry. Working on a TV Pilot just now!
    @cineworld UK follow the Cineworld PR and Marketing team for all the latest film news, reviews and great ticket offers
    @UnderTheMud Liverpool, UK Independent film made and set in Liverpool. 'The best British film you’ll never see' says The Guardian - so we need your help to make sure people *do* see it!
    @kieranmasterton Bath, UK Co-Founder of OpenIndie
    @PhilipBloom London, UK Cinematographer, Filmmaker and Blogger
    Father, husband & Pinewood Studios technology man with fingers in web, marketing and enterprise application pies. Also tweets as @pinewoodstudios
    @jameshilder London Freelance film, commercial and promo Runner. Aspiring Film-maker & script writer. At 29 I still own a BMX....
    @pullmanfilm oxford, uk Film based on the novel by Philip Pullman. In UK cinemas 25th Sept 09. Cambridge Film Fest screening: 18th (w/Q+A), 21st Sept. Competitions, news and more!
    @FL_Microwave London Film London's Micro-budget Feature Film-making scheme
    @YoungFilm London W1T 6EJ Young Film Academy (YFA) is the UK’s leading filmmaking provider for young people aged 8-18.
    @southwestscreen Bristol We are the development agency for the creative media industries in the South West of England.
    @ageofstupid London Why didn't we save ourselves when we still had the chance?
    @NeecyRob Aberdeen, Scotland Relatively funny... So ive been told...with a tendency to obsess ;) anything else you want to know?
    @OTTfilms UK OTTfilms A UK (London based) collaborative group of filmmakers coming together to help each other make films under the OTTfilms banner.
    @AbertoirFest Aberystwyth, Wales, UK Wales' National Horror Festival, now in its 4th year!
    @picturehouses UK Slightly obsessed with cinema. Best independent cinemas in the land.
    @filmutopia Europe is an English movie producer and screenwriter who lives in Italy.
    @akibafilm England Independent Film Magazine for filmmakers worldwide. New tips, tricks and advice weekly
    @excathedra Manchester UK Indepedent Film for release 2009. Follow us for new updates, competitions and free content.
    @ScottishCinemas Scotland News about Scottish cinemas and theatre buildings - visit for more news and current & archive pictures
    @livingspiritpix London Film Maker and author of The Guerilla Film Makers Handbook series
    @ShootingPeople London, NYC, LA, SF & beyond The international networking organization for the independent film industry
    @powertothepixel London dedicated to supporting film and the wider media in its transition to a digital age with a passion for connecting creative talent to audiences
    @BFI UK British Film Institute
    @totalfilm London Movie & Film news, rumours, reviews, commentary and everything else a movie fan would want to chat about.
    @ScreenSeen Paisley, Scotland Bringing Cinema back to Paisley. Independant cinema is the way forward folks - get involved tell us what you want to see screened at your Community Cinema!
    @allthefestivals Edinburgh Find out what's hot and what's not before your buy your festival tickets
    @screenlit Nottingham Festival of Film, TV and Writing from 29 June to 5 July 2009 at Broadway Cinema
    @EyeForFilm Edinburgh, London and beyond Film website. From blockbusters to brand new short films and festivals to world cinema. We've got it covered.
    @heyuguysblog London, England The Film / Movie Blog - For all the News and Reviews
    @HardlyBearFilms London, Cannes, US, etc
    @edfilmfest Edinburgh
    @JohnCleese London Yes, I am still indeed alive, contrary to rumour, and I am making video podcasts
    @ManyRiversFilms London Emmy-nominated independent film production company, making films that matter
    @citizen_ned Dublin, Ireland Cameraman / Editor from Dublin Ireland
    @IrishFilmBoard Ireland Letting you know about what the Irish Film Industry is up to.
    @AAMUFILMCOMPANY Finland Production company. Our mission is to change the way of seeing the everyday.
    @tildaswintonnet Finland Unofficial fansite for Tilda, maintained by a fan. I am NOT Tilda Swinton.
    @wnfc Western Norway Film | Bergen Sigmund Elias Holm at Western Norway Film Commission.
    @join_media Berlin / Brandenburg Das MEDIENPRAKTIKUM aus Berlin und Brandenburg. Teilnehmer: UFA, Pixelpark, Fox Mobile, WeDo, Axel Springer, MBB, MySpace, GameDuell, Universal Music, u.a.
    @killerspots Berlin Film - Production - Freak
    @martinteschner Berlin Born in Berlin, 25y, photographer, Designer, cinematographer & Filmmaker
    @albiedo Berlin Kino, Film und Internet mit Leidenschaft
    @FilmfestivalsB Berlin Zentrale Plattform aller Berliner Filmfestivals im Internet.
    @cineast Berlin Filmnerd who is interested in moviemarketing 2.0 and trend research
    @DasKurzeGlueck Berlin ´short and happy´ interfilm-Kurzfilm-Festival-Berlin
    @moviepilot Berlin Die aktuellsten Film-News, frischesten Kritiken, neuesten Trailer, Verlosungen, Quizze uvm. - Es twittert hier meistens der Janos :)
    @MisfitsFilms Germany Nürnberg. Filmmakers. With our top director, writer and actor Marc Reissnecker
    @UnterStromFilm Berlin Wir werden alle sterben! - Nur über meine Leiche, Baby!
    @DasFilmcafe 10437 Berlin Café, Film und Möbel = DasFilmcafé
    @filmlandschaft Stuttgart, Germany It's about films! - Es geht um Filme!
    @bojebuck Berlin Germany based Production Company founded by Claus Boje and Detlev Buck
    @britspotting Berlin british and irish film festival
    @kinolandschaft Stuttgart, Germany Passionierter Kinogänger!
    @XVerleih Berlin, Germany Kino, Kino, Kino
    @berlinfilmforum Berlin Netzwerk für Berliner Filmschaffende
    @medienboard Potsdam-Babelsberg Berlin-Brandenburg's one stop agency for film funding and media business development
    @delphifilm Berlin Filmverleih aus Berlin. Hier twittert Marcus Herrmann, Onlinemarketing aus dem Delphi-Büro am Kudamm
    the largest short film festival in the world is presenting monthly screenings in 12 German cities
    @Filmpark Potsdam, Babelsberg Mehr als 20 Programmpunkte erwarten Sie inmitten Europas ältester Filmstadt! More than 20 attractions and 3 live Shows
    @trifeca Berlin, Germany open most days/// permanently in cahoots with,, and
    @mmproBerlin Berlin, Germany mmpro. ist der führende Produzent von Bewegtbild im WebTV und Imagefilmen.
    @unerhoert_film Hamburg, Germany Film festival dedicated to music films - MUSIC & FILMS FOR BOTH SIDES OF THE BRAIN, 3 - 6 December 2009 + Berlin, Lüneburg, Groningen
    @TheRealBasterds Nazi-occupied France The Official Inglourious Basterds Page; the new film by Quentin Tarantino, starring Brad Pitt. In theaters August 21, 2009.

    @FrontAve Portland, OR Writer, Director, Producer of The Waiting List and the upcoming Did You Kiss Anyone?
    @globalgbhl California Global Entertainment Holdings, Inc., a publicly-traded Company - production of low-budget, high quality, genre pictures with recognizable name talent.
    @rexsikes milwaukee/L.A Rex Sikes' Movie Beat conversations w filmmakers - radio & blog, website, producer/director/actor/ filmmaker & interview host
    Every other month film festival in Milwaukee for local filmmakers to screen their latest films, get feedback and network.
    @LostZombies San Francisco CA We are a zombie themed social network, creating the first ever crowd sourced zombie book and film. We won the People's Choice Award at SXSW
    @FPA_newsFlashes Chicago, IL News and musings from Kristin H of Flashpoint Academy, an innovative 2-year college for film & broadcast, VFX & animation, recording arts, and game development.
    @audreywalker Portland, Oregon Actress
    @jentrification Austin, TX I love. I write. I play. I think. I might. I make - indie films. Oh, and I search for the paranormal too. :)
    @milesmaker Manhattan, NY Miles Maker's tireless work in motion picture art and commerce follows current trends, emerging technologies and the power brokers that influence them.
    @Scriptshadow Los Angeles The latest spec scripts out of Hollywood reviewed 5 days a week!
    @natmundel Santa Monica Helping filmmakers realize their vision.
    @WWMPC_CEO Huntington Beach, CA CEO of World Wide Motion Pictures Corporation, a leading distribution company for independent films
    @pixeco Columbia Flower Market Doing digital outreach for documentary and short films
    @fromthehip Brooklyn Runs Shooting People in the US and writes about film, documentaries and technology
    @amirmasud Santa Monica, CA Filmmaker exploring humanity 1 demon at a time. Working on my 1st film, it truly mocks, rocks, and shocks! TWEEPS r my allies, let's help each other. c blog
    @Matt_Mann Lafayette, IN Film Director/Editor currently working in video advertising. Check out my reel above!
    @alisonwillmore New York, NY Editor of's film section, writer of the Indie Eye blog. And so forth.
    @incrediblysmall Minneapolis/Chicago An independent feature film currently in post-production.
    @dcpickett South Jersey Film Producer, director, new media entrepreneur, movie-lover, Cockatail-owner, graphic artist, and big Cinnamon Toast Crunch fan!
    @urbandeathmaze NEW YORK / LOS ANGELES URBAN DEATH MAZE: A Fast Paced Urban Drama written by Kjeld Gogosha-Clark in development @ WORKING CLASS FILMS
    @EMofford Altadena, California Producer/Director- Film, TV, New Media
    @josephnasto New Jersey Award-winning filmmaker, nonprofit co-founder, proud parent, and Apple junkie into multimedia, tech and the internet.
    @EndResultSeries Orange County, CA End Result: the web series. An action/thriller based on greed, violence, deception and murder.
    @Philontilt Brainerd, Minnesota Filmmaker. Organizer of EgoFest Short Film Festival. Connoisseur of cool.
    @screenrant Utah Opinionated TV and movie news - without the sugar coating
    @RaymondRoman San Diego, CA Interested in Video Editing, Filmmaking, Cinematography, Photography, Motion Design, Graphic Design, Compositing, Animation & other forms of Visual Art.
    @DeptOfAwesome Philly PA Trying to make it happen
    @phillipgibb Cape Town Fan of my God, my Wife, my Son, Video, Editing and Apple. Working towards making a great film
    @ptbarnummovie Bethel, CT., USA. A documentary about P.T. Barnum following artist David Gesualdi as he creates a life-size Bronze statue for Bethel, CT Barnum's birthplace. By Corey Boutilier
    @theodorefisher Manhattan I'm a documentary filmmaker, photographer, curator and teacher.
    @ChuckStaley Los Angeles, CA Screenwriter, Director, Artist, friend of Elvis. See art, photography and more at
    @tomandmary Dearborn, MI, USA Independent husband-and-wife filmmakers.
    @Migg Los Angeles, CA Writer, Filmmaker, Blogger, and hopeless Doctor Who fanatic.
    @bnewman01 NYC Film person in NYC
    @arincrumley Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY 11237 Co-Director of @4eyedmonsters, director of @asthedustsettles, Co-Founder of @fhta, Co-Founder:
    @facetschicago Chicago, IL Facets Multi-Media, Inc., founded in 1975, is a non-profit cinema arts organization which provides an extraordinary range of film and and video programs.
    @marksingletree Norman, OK I make movies. It'd be nice if you liked them.
    @roberthammond West Coast writer, producer, creative executive
    @Jason_Pollock Los Angeles, CA Filmmaker, Writer, and Activist. I just directed, The Youngest Candidate, a feature film about teens who run for public office.
    @BDiCerbo Orlando, Florida Movie producer, Determined, passionate, compassionate, curious, & kind...mostly...
    @NotoriACE Los Angeles, CA ***The 'Jersey Kid' shaking things up in L.A.*** COMING SOON TO A THEATRE NEAR YOU!
    @chrisvoelz West Lafayette, Indiana I'm a perfectionist, like learning new things, and love film making and aviation. I work as a film producer, editor, graphic designer, and web developer.
    @Daniel_Skubal Chicago I'm part of the production team at Zacuto. I'm an independent filmmaker, director, cinematographer, editor, and screenwriter. Check out my reel posted above :)
    @ryanbalas New York City NYC Indie Filmmaker and lover.
    @massify NYC A production network for people who make film possible.
    @nelsoncarvajal Chicago, Illinois WRITER/FILMMAKER
    @davidlicata NY Writer who makes films, filmmaker who writes. Does other stuff too.
    Atlanta Turner Studios, AES, audio engineer, mastering, social/new media, journalism, new orleans food, soccer, int'l travel & entrepreneurism, 4HWW, BIG FUN!!
    @damiancalvo Manhattan, New York Director of the film INDEPENDENTLY BLUE, Cinematographer, Producer
    @lloydkaufman Tromaville
    @Dr0id NYC Director, Editor, Geek, Day Dreamer, Make Believer
    @reubal Valleywood, CA Join the Rebel Filmmaking Twibe by going to the URL above.
    @rondawson Atlanta Metro President, Dare Dreamer Media—New Media Marketing & Video Production, Author, Host of F-Stop Beyond Photography Podcast, Speaker, Husband, Daddy...Life's good.
    @dklon Tennessee A programmer that somehow became a professional screenwriter and author living in Tennessee.
    @kevinshahinian Los Angeles, CA Filmmaker | Pacific Pictures
    @TheJennPage Los Angeles, CA 90015 Director/Actor/Producer - Owner Luminave Films,
    @Jon_Favreau Hollywood director of Iron Man 2
    @davidbranin Los Angeles
    @ErinCronican NYC Actor & Career Coach in NYC - Helpful tips, inspiring tidbits, and a little bit of love for actors or
    @angelobell LA Writer/Filmmaker/Blogger/Juggler of Life/Seeker of Inner Peace - My film, 'Broken Hearts Club' airs on TV October 19th!
    @sebasguti New York Art & New Media Virtuoso ; )
    @zacsanford Los Angeles, CA, USA Indie Film Development Executive, Writer and Webisode Preditor
    @joeavella Chicago, IL Comedy. Film making. Casual bafoonery.
    @FilmPop New England New media and digital media promotion and support for independent films. Leslie Poston is also at Uptown Uncorked, Amy Greenlaw is also at Portal Video.
    @BeauHauser New York City website: IMDb page: http:/
    @BrettRatner Los Angeles/NY/Miami Film Director, Raconteur, and Peck's Bad Boy
    @EburgFilmFest Ellensburg, WA EFF celebrates the art, innovation, and culture of film-making and film-going by showcasing the best in global and independent film.
    @filmcourage Los Angeles Film Interviews that inspire and educate. Listen every Sunday at 11am PST on LA Talk Show is also available on iTunes. Subscribe today!

    @PaulRussellCstg NYC Casting Director / Director (SDC) / Author (ACTING: Make It Your Business)
    @DonnaFOXcasting New York,NY Executive VP, Feature Casting for FOX
    @JSCasting New York City Jonathan Strauss Casting: Jonathan Strauss is a Casting Director for Film and TV including Law & Order:SVU
    @GrassrootsFilms Brooklyn, NY Grassroots Films of Brooklyn, New York is an independent film studio which develops, produces, and distributes films
    @TheFilmStage NY Editor-In-Chief of The Film Stage.
    @chaillotfilms Shreveport, LA Director of The Last Lullaby, a feature-length film starring Tom Sizemore and Sasha Alexander.
    @fastgirlfilms San Francisco, CA Fast Girls Get There First
    @newenglandfilm Cambridge, MA Leading Online Magazine, Resource (and now Festival) in the Northeast.
    @shortfilmtexas Austin, Texas An Online Community Powered Texas Filmmakers.
    @independentfcom East Coast, USA Online magazine devoted to independent filmmaking and film festivals
    @SAGIndie Los Angeles, CA We want to help you get your film made using professional actors.
    @bestfilmschool New York, NY News & notes from the New York Film Academy - the worlds largest & most hands-on acting & film school. Email us at
    @filmlinker New York, NY Linking filmmakers to helpful resources
    @iamkjeld republic of california british writer director producer based in los angeles - the bloke behind working class films: @workingcfilms
    @caztstudios West Hollywood, CA CAZT lets actors watch their own audition videos and get feedback from their casting directors.
    @indeeproducer New Jersey I'm an indie movie producer who's credits include The Man From Earth & iMurders (coming to DVD on 10/13/09)
    @garywgoldstein Los Angeles Film producer. Screenwriter Consultant, Success Accelerator, Author. Speaker. Storyteller. Entrepreneuer. People lover.
    @JASteel Salt Lake City, UT USA Director, Producer, Writer of the upcoming DENIZEN.
    @filmsanantonio San Antonio, Texas Our People. Our Locations. We are the San Antonio Film Commission, helping filmmakers for more than 20 years.
    @HOSFU Albuquerque, NM HOSFU is about promoting Christ through film. We provide resources to indie filmmakers and play connect the dots among our worldwide network
    @Film_Movement New York Join the Movement and support indie & foreign films.
    @theauteurs New York Watch free films online, share recommendations with your friends on facebook and twitter, meet people who share your taste in film.
    @AJ_Wiederspahn Nelson, NH Filmmaker and film enthusiast.
    @Emerging_Artist SF BAy Area, Los Angeles, NYC Welcome to the official Twitter-space for Emerging Artist Productions, next gen filmmaking from concept to post using the latest digital cinema techniques.
    @FilmSpecific Los Angeles Author of The Insiders Guide To Independent Film Distribution (Focal) and founder of independent film Distribution website
    @eliroth Los Angeles Eli Roth's official Twitter.
    @GoldenEarrings North Hollywood, CA Suspense drama written & directed by Marion Kerr. Starring Julia Marchese, John T. Woods, Lauren Mora, Teddy Goldsmith, Anthony Dimaano. Produced by Brian Crewe
    @workingcfilms LOS ANGELES WORKING CLASS FILMS is a Los Angeles based Indie Production Company -- with an English spin!
    Orlando/Las Vegas The man of 1,000 Voices from the Police Academy movie series; The Great Buck Howard; Space Balls and Geico Commercial
    @DATRMovie San Diego! A collaborative film: Lord of the flies meets The Real World
    @soulfabricfilms Boulder, CO A documentary filmmaker dedicated to contributing to the sum of human understanding. 2 films in progress: Beyond the Reef & Jr. Bull.
    @PHSIFC Poolesville High School For people who love making movies, acting, making music, telling stories, and just having a blast with their friends!
    @ActorsAccess LA/NY/Chicago/Vancouver Your starting point for taking control of your career!
    @cherrybombfilm Austin, TX A movie about a woman seeking revenge against the five men who assaulted her.
    @Michiganfilm Michigan Michigan Producer & Production Services
    @CounterCultureP Hollywood Independent Production Company: with tips and resources for indie filmmakers!
    @IndependentLens San Francisco Emmy award-winning independent & documentary film series airing on PBS Tuesday nights. A Film Festival In Your Living Room.
    @MDfilm Maryland Our mission is to attract film, TV, commercial and video production to film on-location in Maryland.
    @IFCdotcom New York, NY The online arm of the Independent Film Channel. On deck: Alison
    @Raydachic Bay Area, CA FEMALE film maker! Co-produced first feature. Written first script. Now what? Second feature in pre-production now. Mom of 3, married. Love my muscle cars.
    @IndieFlixInc Seattle, WA Connecting people through movies
    @cinemaminima Los Angeles News for Movie Makers Worldwide, since 1999: Story, Production, Distribution, Exhibition, Rights, Tools. Sponsor of Far From Hollywood, Sustainable Cinema
    @JBMovies Michigan/Maine J.B. Movies and Visual Arts Film production company. Twitter account of Revolutionary Filmmaker John Wayne Bosley, writer/director/producer of AMNESIA
    @cast_n_crew Hollwood, CA Filmmakers, writers, grips, actors, directors, producers, wardrobe, make-up. Everyone involved in film industry welcome (no primidonnas please)
    @CircusRoadFilms Santa Monica, CA Circus Road Films provides strategic advisory services to filmmakers and entertainment companies, with an emphasis on film financing and sales of completed pix
    @ifpfilm New York IFP represents a network of filmmakers around the world, and, through its programs, supports them in the business, technology and art of independent filmmaking
    @ActorsLounge New York City Actors have found a new place to network. Followers are 80 Actors. Hosted by Audition Portal's Paul Brighton. Follow Us & We follow You!
    @davidpopefilm Los Angeles, CA Brit film writer / director with a penchant for comedy horror and an obsession with excessively enjoying life. Just don't ask me to dance.
    @RobertRdz Texas hand raiser
    @TopangaFilmFest Topanga Canyon Short Films in spectacular mountain settings. keep up to date with TFF activities.
    @MTFilmOffice Montana, USA Montana Film Office helps assist features, tv shows, commercials, documentaries, still shoots and music videos film under the Big Sky.
    @hunterweeks Denver, CO indie filmmaker. 10 MPH ( 10 Yards ( Ride the Divide. DIY distribution. photographer. new media marketing.
    @ninapaley New York America's Best-Loved Known Cartoonist
    @DreamsAwakeFilm Mt. Shasta, CA -- Mystical drama, family mystery, spiritual adventure ... Look outside and dream, or listen inside and awaken...
    @BoxOfficeSensei Florida Only the Finest of Movie News sent before you even knew it happened!
    @zacuto_sue Chicago/Global Coveting the Cultural Creatives as the Social Media Evangelist @zacuto [maker of indie film products] + Assoc Producer of [aka @UrbanDecorSue]
    @cinegoldeneagle Washington, DC A nonprofit film organization that honors emerging and established filmmakers through our prestigious Golden Eagle Award.
    @mrdannyglover San Francisco Actor, Director, Producer, Political Activist
    @DreamsOnABudget Los Angeles, California 19yr old independent filmmaker guaranteed to produce/direct any project, on time, and on budget. And it will rock!
    @junglesoftware Studio City, CA Software for Filmmakers & Writers
    Milwaukee, Wisconsin Waiting for the end of the world. Twittering for the film COLLAPSE directed by Chris Smith (American Movie, The Yes Men, The Pool).
    @wescraven Los Angeles, CA Director/Writer/Producer
    @moviesforyou Bay Area, California See you at the Movies!
    @wbpictures Burbank, CA A Warner Bros. Pictures twitter feed.
    @WarnerBrosEnt Burbank, CA Warner Bros. Entertainment is a global leader in all forms of entertainment and their related businesses across all current and emerging media and platforms.
    @MakingOf San Francisco, California Co-Founded by Natalie Portman, a behind the scenes Web portal that provides an intimate, fresh look into the process of making a film by the insiders themselves
    @MiramaxFilms New York Official Tweets from Miramax Films
    @FeaturedFilmz Denver Founder - Featured Filmz. Site dedicated to Film Buzz, Trailers, Events, Exclusive Content and more...
    @gothamscreen Manhattan, New York City The 3rd Annual Gotham Screen Film Festival and Screenplay Contest - October 20-25, 2009
    @DarynTufts Salt Lake City, Utah Writer. Director. Lover...?
    @sundancefest Park City, Utah Welcome to the Official Twitter Feed of the Sundance Film Festival, presented by Sundance Institute.
    @kirstiealley Hollywood Actress,mother,animal trainer, human rights activist and dedicated CAP USER
    @stephenfry Los Angeles, CA British Actor, Writer, Lord of Dance, Prince of Swimwear & Blogger
    @DameElizabeth Bel Air, CA
    @Determinism New York, NY Upcomming Indie Film by Ranju & Sanjit Majumdar
    @TribeHollywood Hollywood, CA Tribe Hollywood was founded by NYU Film School Grads as their way of networking in the entertainment industry.
    @ValleyFilmFest Fabulous San Fernando Valley! VFF: The premier showcase for the best new work by Valley residents, and American and international independent filmmakers. 9/30-10/4/09
    @firstshowing Sherman Oaks, CA - Connecting Hollywood with its Audience
    @lafilmfest LA Film Festival Official Los Angeles Film Festival Updates
    @slashfilm San Francisco, CA /Film - Twittering the Reel World
    @InTheBackground Hollywood All about Background Acting in Movies and Television
    @janusfilms New York, NY The preeminent U.S. distributor of foreign and classic films for more than 50 years
    @jimgaffigan NYC is home. traveling often yes. it's really me. Hope you buy the CD/DVd of King Baby
    @TribecaFilmFes New York, NY Tribeca Film Festival Headquarters
    @WilliamShatner Los Angeles, CA Actor
    @Janefonda NYC-ATL-New Mexico Actress, activist, Founder of GCAPP
    @frandrescher Los Angeles, CA Actress, US Diplomacy Envoy, Women's Health Advocate, The Nanny & now Recording Artist!

    @QJTarantino Los Angeles
    @ImpactMovie Paterson, NJ USA A documentary film about a social entrepreneur, philanthropic experiment.. Executive Producer @PhilanthropyCFP
    @SJ48HFP San Jose, CA San Jose 48 Hour Film Project
    @filmandcompany USA we make your stories come alive - video, film, graphic design, web design, writing, photography
    @ocfilms Orange County, California OC Films brings film fans the very best of independent cinema in Orange County and the rest of Southern California.
    @act2reinvent Chicago, IL I am limitless, an artistic entrepreneur.
    @SarahJMacDonald Halifax, Nova Scotia I drink coffee, smoke cigarettes, do paperwork and make films.
    @giamilani Canada's East Coast Writer / Director. I enjoy big hair and spelling mistakes.
    @wghthemovie Vancouver WGH-about social change & a shift in media representation. The 2010 Games sets the backdrop for a few folks using socialmedia tools to make a difference.
    @OffIslandFilms Vancouver Producer Director
    @bcfilmmaker Vancouver, Canada Filmmaker, film maker, film director, first assistant director, film directing, filmmaking workshops, television producer, social media consultant
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